Welcome to a new world order

Of all the blogs, on all the hosts, in all the world. You found your way here. I am now laughing at you. That’s okay you will laugh at me in your turn.

Welcome to my world, and in this world you too will share a hand in shaping the destinies of those characters and story lines that I write about.

You are welcome to comment, email, shout, and generally make a nuisance of yourself to be heard.  I will take your kernels and suggestions and turn them into a story.  Please keep in mind that I make no claim to the perfection of the posts.  They will be, by nature, in a rough format. I hope that over time they will make up a larger body of work that people around the world will salivate to buy.  Barring that, just don’t throw things at me if you see me on the street for run-on sentences and the like.

Here’s to a new world order. Toast.

About Brandon

Just call me B, or Brandon. Either is fine. I like to think of myself as an American nomad. I have moved so many times I have lost count. Worked in warehouses and cubicles, had a corner office in Hawaii, and spent some time in India. I find that as different and varied as people are across the country and the world they are still really the same. I remember people that have had a good story to share. I hope I can share some of their and some of my stories with you. I am working on reviewing and some other creative projects with my partner. Find me on Twitter @bmcrew2
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