Perspective is a funny thing.

I won’t get into all the minutiae of perspective in terms of person and knowledge level or tense of writing to convey the best possible story.  If you want more on narrative styles check this out –

My concern is more in line with making sure that I have a perspective that brings value to the story.  As a white 20 something male I recognize that the primary audience a lot of my experience would apply and appeal to is very… average.   I don’t want to write average stories though.  I want to move out of my own comfort zone and take the reader with me. 

I like a story that is a fun blow em up sex em up as much as the next gal, but I also like stories that really question our assumptions.  Whether it is a question of gender roles or environmental awareness as in Sherri S. Tepper, one of my favorites I think having something deeper even in a good story is valuable.

I feel like a lot of times in stories there isn’t enough struggle internally or externally.   I don’t mean just a fight scene or three, I mean personal development, struggle, and change.

Along those lines I feel like I write a lot from men’s perspectives and from a similar age group to myself.  So my next story idea will be focused around a female in her early teens, to stretch myself as a writer and to bring a different story to my readers.  Few those they may be right now.

I don’t want to give too much away just yet as it is in the brainstorming phase, but here is a small pitch – Deanna is fourteen and thrilled to be moving away from the family.  Blind from birth, but unconcerned as this sharpens her ability to play music. She has been chosen for the Symphony.  The single most prominent organization outside of the stars to perform in the City-States.  The music is magic and helps secure the City against all aggressors. Things are not as they seem though.

About Brandon

Just call me B, or Brandon. Either is fine. I like to think of myself as an American nomad. I have moved so many times I have lost count. Worked in warehouses and cubicles, had a corner office in Hawaii, and spent some time in India. I find that as different and varied as people are across the country and the world they are still really the same. I remember people that have had a good story to share. I hope I can share some of their and some of my stories with you. I am working on reviewing and some other creative projects with my partner. Find me on Twitter @bmcrew2
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