Where in the world is…

Welcome to the re-designed me. You may have noticed the new layout and picture already. Unless of course you don’t read it on the website, in which case, you didn’t. For serious.

The picture is one I took while looking out over the southernmost point in all the U.S. There is a plaque and everything.

I have been thinking a lot recently about how to set goals and live up to them. What jobs or careers might be more meaningful to me personally while I work on writing in my free time. What combination would keep me going indefinitely.

I have so many ideas of what I might like to do and no real notion of which of them might end better than the next. So I guess the question is how far am I willing to go? To the ends of the earth.

About Brandon

Just call me B, or Brandon. Either is fine. I like to think of myself as an American nomad. I have moved so many times I have lost count. Worked in warehouses and cubicles, had a corner office in Hawaii, and spent some time in India. I find that as different and varied as people are across the country and the world they are still really the same. I remember people that have had a good story to share. I hope I can share some of their and some of my stories with you. I am working on reviewing and some other creative projects with my partner. Find me on Twitter @bmcrew2
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