California Bones

California Bones by Greg Van Eekhout

Now I do not know why I haven’t heard more people raving about this series. Any book that can open the series with cannibalism that is not about zombies and yet intrinsic to the world building has my buy in. It was gorgeous and dark and it reminds me of how I feel when I sit down to read a new book in a series I love; if I can ingest the magic of the writing I will somehow become more than the sum of my devoured past.

Can you imagine a world in which the fossil record is used to add bits of kraken, dragon, or basilisk magic and physical traits to your skill set? Daniel Blackland is the son to a powerful osteomancer in the Hierarch of Southern California. Under the heel of the powerful the land and its people are slowly being consumed to fuel the need for constant magic that most osteomancers need.

Daniel isn’t a traditional hero; he was raised to gobble the power and flesh of others. He was also raised to sneak and steal and he and his crew are good at it, but when they plan to steal back the sword invested with Daniel’s essence by his father before his death things go terrible awry.

A magically gluttonous read. If you’re not convinced imagine Gone in 60 Seconds but with magic as the target theft. And if you still aren’t convinced then I wish you the best of a dull life.

Stay tuned for my review of Pacific Fire, because why read just one in a series when both are out?


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Just call me B, or Brandon. Either is fine. I like to think of myself as an American nomad. I have moved so many times I have lost count. Worked in warehouses and cubicles, had a corner office in Hawaii, and spent some time in India. I find that as different and varied as people are across the country and the world they are still really the same. I remember people that have had a good story to share. I hope I can share some of their and some of my stories with you. I am working on reviewing and some other creative projects with my partner. Find me on Twitter @bmcrew2
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